Frank A. Stephenson

Frank Stephenson 1747194Title: Owner

Company: Applied Forensics

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ, March 18, 2015, Frank A. Stephenson, Owner of Applied Forensics, has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for dedication, achievement and leadership in forensic engineering.

Mr. Stephenson studied civil engineering to become involved in the construction industry. He worked his way up through his career and was project manager at a young age, involved with treatment processes. The career provided research, teaching and travel, which was appealing to him. Today, Mr. Stephenson has more than 44 years in the industry and runs his own company. Applied Forensics is a forensic engineering firm that provides professional, civil and forensic engineering solutions.

Mr. Stephenson is a registered professional engineer in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico. An expert problem solver with extensive experience in civil, chemical, mechanical and forensic engineering, Mr. Stephenson is responsible for providing forensic investigations into a wide spectrum of failures and problems, including damage assessments, evaluating forensic evidence, providing investigative reports, and expert witness testimony when required. His efforts may include static and/or dynamic testing, communicating findings to legal counsel, giving depositions in judicial proceedings, and appearing at arbitrations or trials. When asked, he also makes recommendations for improvement to processes and equipment and controls, to improve performance and efficiency.

Throughout his career, Mr. Stephenson has worked on numerous high-profile projects. He is extremely proud of the path his career has taken, and is particularly proud of being chosen to design a mobile RO system to treat 250,000,000 gallons of 27,000 PPM TDS, 150 PPM silica, cooling tower blowdown at 50 percent recovery for a major coal-fired power plant in eastern Arizona. He attributes his success to perseverance, passion, and having the anxiety and drive to continue to prove himself as a leader in the industry. In the future, Mr. Stephenson plans to retire and continue contributing to the industry in a consultancy role.

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Frank A. Stephenson

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