Bonnie Harcrow-Hall

Title: Welding Instructor and Technician

Company: Arc Specialties

Location: Spring, TX

Spring, TX, May 16, 2016, Bonnie Harcrow-Hall, Welding Instructor and Technician at Arc Specialties, has been recognized by Elite American Engineers, for dedication, achievement and leadership in welding and instructing.

Ms. Harcrow-Hall has been involved in the engineering industry since the 1970s, and currently holds a supervisory position with Arc Specialties, a company that builds automated machines. With nearly 40 years of experience began when she decided to take a welding class in high school. She enjoyed learning how to weld and pictured herself in a career as a welder. One of her first obstacles was finding a position in the trade, but her brother helped her find a position with a company that had been looking for a female welder.

Becoming a welder and an instructor in this industry required Ms. Harcrow-Hall to be trained in multiple concentrations. In order to succeed in her positions, she has become an expert in GMAW, HW-GTAW, Pulsed GMAW, CMT, PTAW, SAW, multi-wire GMAW and SAW, and Plasma Arc Gouging. For the past four years, she has been with Arc Specialties. Prior to that, she spent 17 years with CB&I.

While there are not as many women working in engineering as there are men, Ms. Harcrow-Hall found male co-workers and managers as mentors. These co-workers helped encourage her to continue reaching her professional goals in the industry. Looking toward the future, Ms. Harcrow-Hall endeavors to continue learning skills, contributing great work and traveling internationally.

Contact Bonnie Harcrow-Hall

Harcrow-Hall, Bonnie 2119113

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