Peter Julinszki

Title: Chief Engineer

Company: Central Park South Associates

Location: New York, NY

New York, NY, April 20, 2016, Peter Julinszki, chief engineer of Central Park South Associates, has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for his dedication, achievements and leadership in facility management and mechanical systems.

With a background in the construction industry, education as an electric locksmith and passion for facility management, Mr. Julinszki is a jack-of-all trades who brings passion and expertise to his position with Central Park South Associates. The apartment complex is made up of 317 units and is the workplace for more than 21 staff members. As the chief engineer, Mr. Julinszki coordinates and works with engineers and contractors to complete upgrade projects, perform security operations and maintain the building. He also takes on a scheduling role and ensures there is staff working around the clock to ensure the apartment building is always operating at its maximum. 

Mr. Julinszki came to the United State in 1986 after living in Hungary for his childhood and early adulthood. He wanted to create a better life for his family and knew that he would be able to do so in the US. He earned his education at MUN 27, a government schooling system in Hungary, which allowed him to learn all aspects of high voltage equipment, building control and computer heating systems. His mechanical skills and electrical control paired with his prior experience managing an 800-unit apartment building opened up the opportunity for Mr. Julinszki to make his American Dream come true. “I feel very honored to live the life I always wanted to back when I was in Hungary,” he says.

In a recent interview, Mr. Julinszki spoke about the challenges and successes he has faced in his career.  By facing obstacles with a can-do attitude and preserving work ethic, he has able to turn adversity into opportunity. He credits his success to his extensive experience, as well as his organizational and supervisory skills. To stay at the top of his field, Mr. Julinszki is a member of the New York Association of Realty Managers, an organization connecting professionals from the metro New York and New Jersey region to share skills, insights and resources. Looking to the future, Mr. Julinszki intends to continue working with Central Park South Associates as he is very happy in his role there.

Contact Peter Julinszki

Julinszki, Peter 919870

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