Shayla Robinson

Title: Staff Software Engineer

Company: IBM

Location: Durham, NC, United States

Shayla V. Robinson is a Staff Software Engineer at IBM, a world leader in information technology services and consulting. Renowned for her expertise in customer service, which includes CICS level-two technical support and transactions in messages, Ms. Robinson shines in her current capacity, delivering in value and maintaining the standard of quality and excellence that has long been preserved by the company. She is responsible for debugging and solving customer service issues, mainframe systems and transactional software, and she has garnered a reputation of distinction for her efforts, earning such accolades as the 2006 Quality Leadership Award and the 2006 Customer Support Directors Award. Ms. Robinson attributes her success to sheer hard work and dedication, and she continues to strive for excellence in her every endeavor.

Shayla V. Robinson was originally selected for inclusion in EliteAMERICAN Engineers in April 2012. We are proud to be featuring Ms. Robinson again in EliteAMERICAN Engineers for 2015

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Shayla Robinson

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