Steven Armer

Steve Armer 1832129Title: Chief Consultant

Company: Armerican Diversified

Location: Windsor, CT

Windsor, CT, May 8, 2015, Steven J. Armer, BS Multidisciplined Engineering, MBA, Chief Consultant for Armerican Diversified, has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for dedication, achievement and leadership in engineering and design.

Mr. Armer has 40 years of professional experience and a background in engineering. Through a variety of positions, he gained experience in the SDLC, logic design, testing, tool design, liaising and a lifelong commitment to learning, and mentoring others, coupled with his business and financial skills. His knowledge and skills led him to a career in consulting where he finds solutions for clients’ problems, and coaches others in continuous improvement. In his current role, Mr. Armer monitors the day-to-day operations of the firm, documents processes and mentors co-workers and clients.

Mr. Armer has achieved tremendous success throughout his career. He worked as a software engineer, designer, PDM consultant, design technician, and mechanical engineer for prominent companies across the United States. While he is very proud of his career in its entirely, he believes his greatest achievement was serving as an assistant to the director of software engineering at EDS/Unigraphics, and saving the company $5.8M million over two fiscal years’ time. Mr. Armer attributes his success to conducting all business from a standpoint of honesty and integrity, a firm moral and ethical foundation, and a commitment to honor God, by being the kind of person that he’d trust doing business with. Moving forward, he intends to still be helping client firms and people find solutions to tough problems they need help with.

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Steven J. Armer

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