Stuart McHugh, Ph.D.

Stuart McHugh 62957Title: Materials Engineer

Company: Lockheed Martin, Advanced Technology Center

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto, CA, April 8, 2015, Stuart McHugh, Ph.D., Materials Engineer for Lockheed Martin, Advanced Technology Center, has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for dedication, achievement and leadership in research and analysis.

Dr. McHugh has 38 years of experience and started with an interest in geology and geophysics, which led him to earthquake studies and material science in graduate school, and then to fracture mechanics at SRI International. From there, he transitioned to working with computer models for stress and failure analysis in aerospace. Dr. McHugh excels in materials science, solid state physics, and hardware design examination, and spends his days researching materials, conducting stress and fracture analysis of aerospace structures and materials, and performing computational analysis.

Dr. McHugh has published more than 100 scientific papers as well as his Ph.D. thesis, “Short Period Tilt Events and Episodic Slip on the San Andreas Fault.” His other publications range from “Dislocation Modeling of Creep-Related Tilt Changes” in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (1978) to “Thermomechanical Characterization of a Membrane Deformable Mirror” in Applied Optics (2008). Highly accomplished, Dr. McHugh believes the highlights of his career thus far include applying for a U.S. patent and receiving a Lockheed Martin Award for Ultrafast Metamaterials Based Beam Steering in 2011, and receiving a special recognition award from Lockheed Martin/Advanced Technology Center in 2012 as part of the ATC Graphene Molecular Filtration Team. He also earned the Lockheed Martin Superior Performance Group Award, Lockheed Martin Superior Performance Award, and Outstanding Geologist Award by Mackay School of Mines.

Dr. McHugh attended Stanford University where he earned a Ph.D. in geophysics, a Master of Science in science materials, and a Master of Science in geophysics. He also earned a Bachelor of Science in geological engineering and a Bachelor of Science in geophysics at the University of Nevada, Reno. Dr. McHugh attributes his success to his perseverance and hard work, as well as following technical leads, interests and opportunities.

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Stuart McHugh, Ph.D.

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