Jay Poole

Jay PooleTitle: Director of Engineering

Company: Tenneco Inc.

Location: Grass Lake, MI

Jay W. Poole is a third-generation tool and dye maker who comes from a family of blacksmiths that have always worked in fabrication. His family’s background and his desire to work with his hands inspired him to enter the engineering industry. Mr. Poole has 27 years of industry experience and has been serving as the director of engineering at Tenneco Inc. for the past 13 years. Tenneco is a manufacturing company that provides automotive services. An expert in product development, Mr. Poole is responsible for designing and releasing the latest automotive and technical products, overseeing approximately 100 engineers, daily operations, and product resources, keeping track of timeliness and team effectiveness, working with clients to develop products that meet their requirements, and meeting company benchmarks. He attributes his success to his ability to work well with others, and understanding what is best for clients and the market they are trying to reach. Looking toward the future, Mr. Poole plans to continue developing his division and team, as well as his future successor. He plans to focus more on consultative work in the future.

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Jay Poole

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