Robert Melchiorre

Robert MelchiorreTitle: Director

Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Location: Allentown, PA, United States

ALLENTOWN, PA, November 7, 2012, Robert Melchiorre, Director of the Technical Field Operations Department at Cadence Design Systems, Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in software development.

With a wealth of professional experience, Mr. Melchiorre has garnered a reputation of distinction for his abilities, knowledge of the implementation of integrated customized circuits, management and leadership of others, and building and strengthening of relationships. He also possesses a keen awareness of how to cultivate teams, and lead and mentor others. His musical background has helped in many areas of his career, as far as relating to people, expressing himself and adapting and having the flexibility to grow.

Mr. Melchiorre specializes in microchip design, project management, marketing, software development, people management and technical leadership. He is primarily in charge of overseeing a group of 12 application engineers, and running software to design-integrated circuits. Mr. Melchiorre plays in a rock band that performs for weddings and parties. He also plays in a heavy metal band. He earned a Technical Account Manager of the Year Award, and he feels that he has been able to achieve success due to his relentless execution.

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Robert Melchiorre

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