Margaret McDonald

Margaret McDonaldTitle: Employee (Retired)

Company: General Motors Company

Location: Eros, LA

Maggie McDonald is a former staff member of General Motors, one of the nation’s leading automakers. Prior to her retirement, Ms. McDonald utilized her negotiation skills and strengths in order to ensure that the company maintained its standard of excellence. She nurtured these talents over the course of a career that spanned more than 34 years, and even in her retirement, she continues to strive for excellence, as well. Ms. McDonald completed college coursework, and earned Top of Class Recognition during her training at Dale Carnegie in 1994. An unadulterated desire to make positive and responsible contributions to the evolution of the automotive industry prompted Ms. McDonald to pursue a career path that would allow her to learn and grow in her chosen capacity. In addition to a love for her work, Ms. McDonald has long felt an enjoyment for remaining current of trends and developments in the automotive field; she was the first woman to be elected as chair of the UAW Union in the South. She is now enjoying her retirement, and she feels that she has been able to achieve success due to sheer faith in God. Ms. McDonald enjoys caring for her four horses, as well as her dogs and cats, and playing softball.

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Margaret McDonald

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