Kenneth Thompson

Kenneth Thompson Title: Civil Engineer (Retired)

Location: Yerington , NV, United States

Kenneth Thompson is a retired civil engineer who was recognized for his strong leadership skills and ability to teach engineering. Mr. Thompson taught the subject at Butte College for 14 years, and worked as a city engineer in Roseville and Pacifica. Working for Roseville, which was named an “All American City,” was a highlight of his career. During his tenure working for the city, he acted as the adviser to 16 citizen committees, and worked with the California legislature to enable legislation for revenue bonds to finance the approved projects. This involved testifying before Congress to obtain wholesale power for the city in order to set it up on solid financial footing for the next generation. Mr. Thompson attributes all the success he experienced in his illustrious career to his education and the support he received from his wife of 57 years. He believes he would never have been able to accomplish what he did without her.

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Kenneth Thompson

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