Jose Luis Martinez-Amor, BSIE, MSIE

Jose Luis Martinez-Amor, BSIE, MSIETitle: Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer

Company: Applied Control Technologies

Location: Texarkana, TX, United States

TEXARKANA, TX, September 13, 2013, Jose Luis Martinez-Amor, BSIE, MSIE, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Applied Control Technologies, has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in industrial engineering.

With a pronounced background in management, Mr. Martinez-Amor expertly implements strategies and policies and manages three groups at a renowned engineering and technical services provider specializing in electrical and mechanical engineering and installations. He is in charge of putting policies into practice at Applied Control Technology LLC, Delta P LLC and ACT Industrial Process Services LLC. He also makes decisions concerning projects and performance, and reports to the parent company in Spain, where he also coordinates with the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Martinez-Amor is also responsible for attending important meetings and conducting interviews.

Mr. Martinez-Amor was inspired to pursue his current career path by a desire to follow his dreams of playing a major role in the field of industrial engineering. He was given the opportunity to travel around the world, and gained a great deal of experience in a number of countries. He has garnered a reputation of distinction from his colleagues and people with whom he has come into professional contact over the years for his dedication to his work and for always putting 100 percent into his projects. He is proud of all of his work, especially for the part that he played in the Google Maps project, and the electricity project for which he served as project manager—this brought a power diesel plant to Nassau Bahamas in 1998.

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Jose Luis Martinez-Amor, BSIE, MSIE

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