Jeffrey Hoffman

Jeffrey HoffmanTitle: Technology Coordinator

Company: Licking R-VIII School District

Location: Licking, MO

Jeffrey D. Hoffman is the Technology Coordinator of the Licking R-VIII School District, a system renowned for its central vision of the educational process and commitment to keeping education as the foundation of its economic strength and security, its creativity in the arts and letters, its invention in the sciences, and its perpetuation of cultural values. In his capacity, Mr. Hoffman supports the district’s mission and vision of providing free, appropriate and equal educational opportunities by helping the faculty and staff to resolve computer problems, and serving as a network administrator, monitoring network usage, and overseeing computer troubleshooting and information technology. With a strong background on the use of troubleshooting tools, Mr. Hoffman ensures the stability of the school’s resources by providing top of the line support.

For the past 30 years, Mr. Hoffman has built on an ever-expansive skill set in the area of project resolution, electronic support and engineering. He has served in his current capacity for more than 11 years, and he continues to strive for excellence in his role. He attributes his success to performing tasks in ideal situations, and focusing his attention on details from the start of a project through to completion.

Mr. Hoffman has maintained a long-standing passion for fixing things, and as a youth, he maintained a fascination with working on and repairing computers. Renowned by his peers for his troubleshooting skills, he provides support by taking on a leadership role in the development and implementation of plans for the instructional use of computers. In the years to come, Mr. Hoffman hopes to assist instructors in the information technology field. He would like to guide students in using various software products.

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Jeffrey Hoffman

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