Jay Lyman Bishop, Ph.D.

Jay Lyman Bishop, Ph.D.Title: Scientist (Retired)

Company: Western Consultants and Bishop Mfg. Co.

Location: Bountiful, UT, United States

BOUNTIFUL, UT, August 3, 2012, Jay Lyman Bishop, Ph.D, Former Scientist with Western Consultants and Bishop Mfg. Co., has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in scientific research and development

When reflecting on a rewarding career, Dr. Bishop mentions to EliteAMERICAN Publishers that he is most proud of the publishing of the correction of HUD errors in the Architecture of Manufactured homes. The US Department of Urban Development, or HUD, has supplied about 37 million of these Carbon Monoxide (CO) family killers to the public after hurricanes, tornados and floods, with breathing-air intake for the residents to inhale from just 30 inches away from the furnace and heater combustion gases, which can exceed 300 ppm in CO concentration, depending on wind direction. HUD denies any danger, yet CO deaths continue. HUD also denies the right of village safety inspectors to make their own town inspections for new residents. “I have written a Governor’s Executive Order which outlines corrections and stops the poisoning immediately. Yet after four years, the States have not used the Executive Order, and Congress has not passed bills to correct HUD, even with my measured proof of the deadly levels of CO,” he says.

Dr. Bishop feels that there have been numerous factors that have made him a success in his field, and these are not limited to many miraculous results in new chemical discoveries and associated inventions. These include a Raman Infra-red spectroscopic identity and concentration measurement of 65 chemicals (that have been added to munitions in the past), from 15 feet away, and a safety separation of those 65 items in glass containers, without opening the containers. He has also discovered several chemical inventions to increase accuracy in chemical purity determinations, twelve-inch sculptures of new coin designs followed by high resolution reduction of the image onto 1.25-inch alloy die faces, tempering of the dies, and minting of the coins and medallions at very high pressures, and a method for total recovery of radio-active uranium from 100-thousand acre detonation grounds mixed with soil, sand, rocks, plant debris and pieces of munition metals. He also specializes in the production of 99.95% pure silver bars at rate of $20,000 per month, from 55-pound crude silver ingots, by electrolytic purification to remove the sulfur, gold, and iron impurities, and patents on new chemical structures that cure poultry farms from parasite infections that otherwise will wipe out entire 40-thousand bird farms in one month. Dr. Bishop taught college level chemistry, physics, mathematics and chemical engineering to other students for 42 cents per hour to pay for $42 per quarter beginning tuition, while working his own classes to qualify for two separate BS degrees in mathematics and chemistry, and to qualify for the PhD program while also entering Graduate School despite the fact that he was still only age 20. He invented new cancer cures for three types of tumors and leukemia, and became a mechanical engineering trainee in his grandfather’s tin shop as a youth, and went on to wire three precious metal refineries by hand, according to the US National Electric Code. He piloted airplanes to High Schools around Arizona to demonstrate formation of new chemicals with the assistance of students, who were then invited to be co-authors in publication of the new chemical structures, and invented new titration methods for purity analysis or % gold in solid samples; he also worked for 16 years to ensure all American Military Bases conform to EPA standards for pure water and air, and for hazardous waste disposal. Dr. Bishop produced many types of gold and silver coins and medallions, platinum and palladium wire forms for thermocouples and thermometers, and sheet forms to be pressed into crucibles for platinum group refining, and wrote computer programs for many scientific processes. In the Industry for Medical-Chemistry, he invented cures for human and animal illnesses, and disassembled the lock for a 700-lb safe in order to determine its locking method, then reset the combination so no one else could open it. “I qualified as precious metals plant warehouseman with a $500,000 integrity policy insured by Lloyds of London,” he recalls. In addition, Dr. Bishop produced triply-distilled pure mercury for thermocouples and thermometers, with a still made from crude inexpensive plumbing parts; “I wound common copper tubing by hand to a helix shape for the low temperature end of an induction furnace, to save many hundreds of dollars to melt precious-metals in a silicon-carbide pot positioned within the void space of the water-cooled coil of copper tubing.” He taught jewelry firms to refine their own scraps and floor sweeps for increased profit and taught prospectors the Utah Bureau of Mines cyanide leach process to produce $30,000 of gold per month and pay off the cost of a 2-yard front-end loader and a 6-yard dump truck during the first year of operations. Dr. Bishop wrote summaries of new methods to recover and purify uranium, vanadium and copper, and taught prospectors how to stake and maintain mining claims, and register them with county recording offices, while teaching workers 440-volt safety with step-down circuitry for high-power motors, presses and formers.

Dr. Bishop also served as a Tooele Army Depot Safety Officer, and in his leisure time, he sang in several choirs and quartets, including the Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir. Dr. Bishop is able to sing the bass voice a full octave below the written bass, and yet, he can also sing most alto, soprano and tenor lines. Dr. Bishop has played solo trumpet, and served as a pianist and church organist for 65 years. After seven heart attacks and two paralytic strokes, Dr. Bishop cured his own seven illnesses and 15 of his wife Geneil’s 17 illnesses. He is the father of nine children, and their descendants and spouses total 100 persons. Dr. Bishop is an Eagle Scout, and he spent two years as a Scout Master, served in the US Army in 1957, and as a High Priest with 14 years in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after a 2.5-year shift as a church volunteer in the East German Mission. Dr. Bishop writes requests in 30 languages to obtain birth, marriage and death certificates for clients, and translates the documents into English, or their own language, for them.

Dr. Bishop feels that the most gratifying aspect of his career is helping to bring happiness to others, and solve their pain and sufferings. A unique accomplishment that sets him apart from others in his field is his being known as an expert scientific witness for court and government cases. Dr. Bishop has been named Businessman of the Year by Marquis Who’s Who and among 101 R & D Scientists of the Year. He was also inducted into EliteAMERICAN Engineers and American Men and Women of Science, and named the VP of the Utah Welch Society, as well as of the Utah Ceramic Society. He is a member of Utah Professional Genealogists, and the founder and first President of Amasa Mason Lyman Educational and Historical Society since 2000. When offering advice to others looking to become involved in his field, Dr. Bishop tells them: “Avoid getting behind in your degree work, in order to keep your grades high. If necessary when you might otherwise get behind, hire a tutor and take fewer credits to lighten your load. Dedicate yourself to keep God’s commandments, with a sincere goal to help others your whole life.”

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Jay Lyman Bishop, Ph.D.

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