Gary Sawmiller

Gary SawmillerTitle: Plant Manager

Company: Absolute Plastics, LLC

Location: Wilson, NC, United States

WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA, July 25, 2012, Gary Sawmiller, Plant Manager for Absolute Plastics, LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in business management.

Mr. Sawmiller specializes in thermoforming, or the manufacturing of plastic components through the vacuum and/or pressure forming processes. In his current capacity at the helm of the plant division of a major plastic manufacturer, Mr. Sawmiller demonstrates his proficiencies in the area, facilitating production initiatives and ensuring the stability of the company. A combination of a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of business savvy allows Mr. Sawmiller to thrive as a detail-oriented and hard working engineer.

Mr. Sawmiller has amassed more than 26 years of professional experience, and he continues to strive for excellence in his every endeavor. After having worked with plastic packaging for the majority of his life, he chose to make the most of his acute understanding of thermoforming processes in a professional setting. At his current post, Mr. Sawmiller is responsible for overseeing the entire plant, making phone calls, responding to emails, and overseeing six different departments.

Ever committed to remaining abreast of trends and developments in his field, Mr. Sawmiller keeps an astute eye on advancements that are being made in plastic engineering. He is an active member of the Society of Plastic Engineers, and he feels that he has been able to flourish professionally because he has always been determined to stay on top of changes that take place in an ever-evolving industry.

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Gary Sawmiller

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