Emil Braun

Emil BraunTitle: Sensor Designer

Company: Braun Engineering

Location: Silver Spring, MD, United States

Emil Braun is a Sensor Designer for the Research and Development Unit of Braun Engineering. With a strong engineering background, Mr. Braun utilizes his expertise in a capacity that enables him to build sensors for biological and physical measurements. Mr. Braun possesses more than 32 years of professional expertise, and he continues to strive for excellence in his every endeavor. Over the course of a successful career, he has received a number of honors for his exceptional efforts; these have included a Silver Medal as granted by the Department of Commerce, and an Ingberg Award, as granted by the American Society for Testing and Materials. He attributes his success to his ability to develop much simpler test methods for research. He also feels that the excellent group of teachers that he had at the federal government laboratory served as components of his professional success. In the years to come, Mr. Braun intends to continue developing his company.

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Emil Braun

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