David Nolan

David NolanTitle: Senior Engineer Planner (Retired)

Company: IBM

Location: Deposit, NY

Deposit, NY, March 25, 2011, David Nolan, Retired Senior Engineer Planner for IBM, has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for dedication, achievements and leadership in project management.

Attributing his success to his perseverance and rapport with his co-workers, Mr. Nolan proved indispensible during his time as a senior engineer planner for IBM. He was primarily responsible for meeting with project managers, scheduling and managing quality assurance. Utilizing his expertise in cost-efficient plans, he was called upon to handle budgets and finances. Additionally, he was involved in engineering memory products for high-end systems. Prior to his position with IBM, Mr. Nolan was part of collaborative efforts which produced various navigation units, the B-52 stealth bomber, and on-board systems for the Apollo and Gemini spacecrafts.

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David Nolan

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