Arne Mindrum

Arne MindrumTitle: Instrumentation Design Engineer (Retired)

Company: General Electric Company

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, Ohio | October 20, 2010 | Arne V. Mindrum, who retired as Instrumentation Design Engineer from General Electric Company, has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for his accomplishments, dedication, and leadership in Electrical Engineering.

Arne V. Mindrum enjoyed a fruitful 40-year career. A noted expert in instrumentation design and calculation, he lent his talents to General Electric, where he performed analytical engineering and determined best design solutions for a variety of instrument installations. Mr. Mindrum also worked for Century Telephone for 17 years and as an analytical engineer for other companies. As an analytical engineer, he was distinguished for building strong supporting infrastructure that enabled new development projects to be quickly completed and launched. He underwent training in mechanical engineering.

Now officially in retirement, Mr. Mindrum enjoys going on vacations to visit his children. As he looks back on his career his most rewarding memory was when he created a nozzle area measurement system for jet engines. With his hard work and “never give up” attitude, Mr. Mindrum was able to build and create many inventions, many of which are still used today by GE. For anyone inspiring to enter the engineering industry, Mr. Mindrum offers a little advice, “If you have an idea follow through”.

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Arne Mindrum

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