Andrew Plummer

Andrew PlummerTitle: Broadcast Engineering Technician (Retired)

Company: CBS-Detroit

Location: Douglas, MI

DOUGLAS, MI, March 14, 2012, Andrew Paton Plummer, Former Broadcast Engineering Technician with CBS-Detroit, has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in photography.

Over the course of a remarkable career, Mr. Plummer has made a name for himself by taking brilliant photographs that have captured human essence and depicted an array of experiences, ways of life, and events. Considered by many to be an expert on photography, Mr. Plummer has garnered a reputation of distinction from his professional peers, being honored with a Photo Calendar Award in 1982, and on two occasions with an Emmy Award.

Prior to his retirement from his role with CBS-Detroit, Mr. Plummer managed studio lighting, and took photographs for the company. He remains current of trends and developments in the industry as a member of the Detroit Metro New Photographers Association, the Audio Engineering Society and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. In the years to come, Mr. Plummer plans to continue consulting, and pursue ongoing education. He would also like to become more involved in the Lakeshore Arts Alliance.

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Andrew Plummer

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