Aaron Marques Smith

Aaron Marques SmithTitle: Senior Part Engineer

Location: Tampa, FL, United States

TAMPA, FL, May 2, 2013, Aaron Marques Smith, Senior Part Engineer, has been recognized by Elite American Engineers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in gas turbine engineering and machine design.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience refined over the course of a career spanning 12 years, Mr. Smith adeptly conducts technical reviews to fix gas service components and manages the cost of productivity for an electric utility. He also ensures profit, validates repair vendors’ work scopes, cycle times and costs. Mr. Smith has garnered a reputation of distinction for his outstanding achievements, receiving an Award for a Customer-Centric Approach from General Electric in 2003. He became involved in his profession because he always enjoyed taking things apart and fixing them as a child; he later found out that dismantling objects was a key component of engineering.

Mr. Smith pinpoints the highlight of his career as his management of the program with the first 7H steam coated gas turbine and General Electric’s most efficient 60Hz gas turbine. The most gratifying aspect of his career is supplying electricity by ensuring that all operations are running smoothly. Mr. Smith holds two patents for an anti-tipping mechanism for Snap-on, Inc., and a cooling water monitoring system for General Electric Company.

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Aaron Marques Smith

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