Malcolm H. Ray, Ph.D., PE

Ray, MalcolmTitle: President, Managing Partner

Company: Roadsafe, LLC

Location: Canton, ME

Malcolm H. Ray, Ph.D., PE is the President and Managing Partner of Roadsafe, LLC, a transportation engineering research firm specializing in roadside design and safety research, highway safety, transportation software development, crash testing and litigation support. A wealth of knowledge and experience amassed over the course of a successful career, which has spanned nearly thirty years, allows Dr. Ray to shine as an award-winning luminary both in his field and at the helm of the now renowned company. Bringing forth a diverse skill set to the company, which encompasses proficiencies in roadside safety research, crash and impact structural analysis, crash reconstruction, roadside policy development and transportation design software, Dr. Ray conducts research on roadside safety and accident studies. He also manages vital projects, as well as the intricacies of the company, and develops and tests new guardrails, bridge rails, breakaway supports and other roadside equipment. Dr. Ray has  received the Outstanding Paper Award from the Roadside Safety Features Committee of the Transportation Research Board in 1997 and 2000, and received Honorable Mention and the Kalenian Award from The Collaborative for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2008.

Ray cert

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