Kathryn A. Zybura

Zybura, KathrynTitle: Director of Software Engineering

Company: Echelon Corporation

Location: San Jose, CA

Kathryn A. Zybura is the Director of Software Engineering for the Echelon Corporation, a leading global energy control networking company which offers software and products for energy monitoring and control at the edge of the grid. Lauded for her expertise in software design and specification, project management, functional administration, leadership, mentoring and business development, Ms. Zybura shines as a luminary in her field, bringing forth 20 years of professional experience to her role with the firm. She became involved in her profession because she was educated as an electrical engineer, and early in her career, she was introduced to software engineering and enjoyed it. She has stayed in the software discipline ever since. In her current capacity, she is in charge of directing software engineering initiatives, leading a team that develops products by determining requirements and developing specifications, code and test through release, and participating in discussions for product business development. She also coordinates future ventures in project management, and mentors first line managers.

Zybura cert

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